Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dharma talks by Geshe Ngawang Sangye (Ph.D) to the group from Waterloo University – Canada.

Under the Professor Dr. M Darrol Bryant, FMR Chair, Department of Religious studies a group of 29 from Canada visited Sera Jey Ngari Education on 2nd November.

On the group’s request, office of Sera Jey Ngari Education Society arranged a dharma talk by Venerable Lharam (Ph.D) Geshe Ngawang Sangye.

Geshe Ngawang Sangye, one of the main teachers of University of Sera Jey for the last 12 years and having over 1000 regular Student. Geshe la also visited European Countries on invitation from interested Centers.

Geshe la lectured the group from Waterloo University on introduction on Buddhism, Karma and its consequences, Love and Compassion and many other topic with examples for half an hour and question and answer for another half an hour.

Later Geshe la and staffs of Ngari Khangtsen with Waterloo group have a small tea party and handed a white scarf to all the members of Waterloo University to wish farewell and successful trip.

Sera Jey Ngari Khangtsen – Education Society can arrange any dharma program inside India and interested group can write to us if they need any kind of assistance.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Sera Jey Ngari Education Society, one of the 14th House groups of Sera Jey Monastic University, need an urgent support from Individual, Association or organization for the preservation of Buddha Dharma.

As more and more are joining to study Buddhism, the House group is compelled ahead with Hostel and Prayer Hall construction. We have given more concentration on Hostel Project to solve the urgent problems, but still it is not able to proceed as planned due to lack of financial Support. We hope all of your will help us to run the project smoothly.

With best wishes and love from the entire Sanga of Sera Jey Ngari Education Society and Kindly log on our web: or write to us at

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Map of Sera

Dear Readers,

Congratulation from the Staff and Student of Ngari Education Society:

It is almost the end of Monsoon season and contraction of Hostel Project is going on peacefully.

I hope you will make a short trip of where the project is running and how far from the Main Temple of Sera Jey. We will keep update with you in our next page.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Visit of Honorable Mr. Tsering Samphel

Honorable Mr Tsering Samphel, member of Shadule Tribe, Government of India from delhi visited the construction site of Hostel Building under the request from the staffs and Sangas of Ngari Khangtsen.

Honorable Mr. Tsering Samphel, born at Ladakh and former President of Ladakh Buddhist Association and presently serving at Central Government of India in Shadule Tribe (ST) department as an member.

During his one day visit at Bylakuppe, He visited Sera Jey and Sera May Monastery, Tashi Lhunpo Monastery and Namdrolling Monastery.

His guidance and advice on important of Hostel for the new arrivals are appreciable; he also hopes and prays for the success on Hostel and Praying Hall Construction Projects.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monks spend weekend holiday at Construction Site:

Tuesday is the weekend holiday for the Monks of Sera Jey, which is the market day at near by town. All the school children and University monks spend holiday by washing cloths and going to market to get vegetables, posting letter and etc.

On September 23rd Ngari Monk students spend their holiday at construction site filling earth and carrying stones. At morning 6 AM monks gather at Construction site and have their breakfast – cup of salt tea and a piece of bread and started their morning work with filling earth. Almost 100 monks gathered and were divided into 10 groups. Each group filled foundation of 12x12 foot size room. As foundations are lifted 3 feet above the ground level, they spend half day filling one room.

Around 10 AM it was very sunny, all were drenched with sweat, hurrying to be the first one in complete the filling. Each group had one leader and there was playful competition, singing songs of Tibetan, Ladakhi, Nepali etc., and Younger students are busy serving water and tea.

At 11.30AM lunch was served – rice and dal with fruits. Tenzin, 16 years of age want to have another day like this. He said today’s works are too remembering the days in his village, where he and his family works collectively to survive family members. He said our Khangtsen’s jobs will be fulfilling as all the students are too curious and working collectively for Khangtsen.

Another student called lobsang, 10 years of age choose his room in the middle site and said when we shift from crowded room, my teacher and I will stay in this fifth room. Right now we are four and I am sleeping with my teacher. When we shift here we are two and I can sleep separately as others.

After lunch there is a break and In-charge asks all the students to join again at 3.30PM due to sunny and hot weather, while on the other side Indian labors are busy filling concrete beam.

At 3.30PM we once again started the filling work. Around 4.30 kitchen served sweet tea, some groups has complete their jobs and some are still filling. In-charge asked others for carrying stones. One student was hurt by a stepping on to a nail and another with crushed finger jammed by a stone, both are admitted at hospital and have good condition.

Dinner was served at 6.30PM and there was no power supply and monks and students have to take their dinner in dark. At 7 PM all leave from the site each wishing good bye and good night. The Two in-charge left fully exhausted but happy for the completion of major task.

From Wednesday, there will be no labor at 1st block and we need to water curing the concrete beams. 8 Indian labors will do unearthing for the foundation of 2nd block and our old kitchen Mess repair will continue for few more days for roofing cement sheets.

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