Tuesday, October 23, 2012


On the auspicious Rigchung Ceremonial Day with Hon'le Abbot and Dignitaries 

It is an immense honour and  privilege to offer our heartfelt Congratulations, that Ven Bodong Rinpoche, Tenzin Thutop Jigdrel, the reincarnation of Bodong Lama Dhampa Sonam Gyaltsen(1312-75), was graciously conferred the Ceremonial Rigchung Title, a Dialectical Debate ceremony, by the Abbot of sera jey monastic university for advanced Buddhist studies in recognition for his successfully completed primary academic course of  Paramita, the perfection of Wisdom.The dialectical debate programme was successfully and fabulously and conducted in the presence of entire congregation of holy Sangha members at Sera Jey Assembly Hall on Thursday,16th August, 2012 in corresponding to the twenty ninth day of the sixth Tibetan lunar month. As a mark of respect and gratitude to Sera Jey Monastic University and Ngari Khangtsen, Rinpoche's Ladang had made excellent feast-offerings and the material offerings to the monastery on that joyous occasion, and this was followed by lavish and extensive feast to all the guests invited.

Ven Rinpoche's parents, Ven Geshe Pema Dorjee, director of Bodong Research Centre, and the representatives of Porong community from Nepal were present to celebrate the joyous occasion by jointly making prayer and spiritual offerings to the monastic. Apart from them, the Representative of the Tibetan settlement, Bylakuppe, representatives from different Khangtsens from Sera jey and Mey, and the class fellows were also attended.                         

On Rigchung day, Rinpoche performed exceptionally well in terms of recitation of hymns, dialectical debate activities in the presence of entire monks of Sera Jey on the actual day of Rinpoche's Rigchung offerings and prayer. He made everyone delighted and happy, especially his parents and spiritual teachers were really satisfied and pleased to see his outstanding performances in the Buddhist philosophical studies and practices.

The administrative office of Sera Jey Monastery, Ngari khangtsen, and the representatives from various monasteries, houses and communities offered Mandal Offering to Rinpoche as a mark of respect, and the traditional scarves to Rinpoche's parents, his attendant, and spiritual teachers for their concerted efforts in the line of Rinpoche's religious and spiritual progress and achievements.