Monday, February 23, 2009

Progress of Ngari Khangtsen Hostel Construction

Ngari Khangtsen’s Hostel Construction is progress very well with the support from all over the world. First block had completed the RCC roofing under the sunny condition.

Over 30 Indian labor and 20 student works during RCC concrete of whole 1st block parts within one day. Senior students’ works with roofing and small students helps to serve drinking water and tea.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to most Venerable Ex – Abbot of Sera Jey Khensur Jampa Thegchok for his help and guide and Venerable Namkha Rinpoche of Switzerland for his financially supports for the construction.

For further details about whole project kindly log on our web-site or write to us at or your can connect with our coordinator as follows:-

Sl, Name and Nationality, E-mail ID

1 Denise and Family (Sewden)

2 Lena Liu (United State)

3 Mr Sangye (Switzerland)

4 Ven Geshe Thinley (Italy)

With best wishes and prayer from entire Sanga of Ngari Khangtsen (Educational Society)

We the monks of Sera Jey Ngari Khangtsen, extend our sincere TASHI DELEK for Earth Tibetan New Year to our Dharma friends & Well wishers. HAPPY TIBETAN NEW YEAR-2009.