Monday, April 6, 2009

Khangtsen's hostel construction NEWS

1. Soon after the prayer offerings by Venerable Namkha Rinpoche from Switzerland at Ngari Khangtsen, he paid gracious visit at the khangtsen's hostel construction site. He was indeed delighted by collective efforts by all in the project works and the beautiful site. Geshe Palden and Gen Tashi- the administrators cum project managers are in action explaining Ven Namkha Ripoche the progress being made till date. Thank you, Venerable Rinpoche la…
2. The young novices or our children formed human chain in our debating courtyard to represent the inter-connected world and their merrily happy faces during the monastic a week's time holiday.

3. Our monks performing Puja in the Khangtsen Assembly Hall to offer our deep prayers to all our longtime foreign sponsors, donors and well wishers and all dharma friends for their sincere efforts in our long awaited mission and to ward off obstacles and everlasting success in the ongoing projects.

4. Here are the pictures taken on 5th April, 09 by Tenzin at our building construction site. Our monks are working on the weekend to finish the project as soon as possible. And our Upper Block is nearing completion with the finished Concrete RCC Roofing above. Still much is left to done. Lower Block's construction is in progress with the centering above, preparing for the RCC Concrete Roofing shortly.

With best wishes and prayer from entire Sanga of Ngari Khangtsen

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